Here are some examples of what happens in these 1-on-1 Circling sessions:

  • Emotional intimacy... eg: a young man gets in touch with his anger and learns to set a strong boundary against gossip in his community
  • Clarity and direction… eg: a woman in a corporate job discovers why she hasn’t gotten the promotion she wants and finds out that her authentic expression will lead her there
  • State shifts… eg: An internet entrepreneur recognizes their witnessing capacity for the first time and started to melt into a timeless, infinite presence out of which new creative ideas started to flow.
  • Shadow Integration... eg: A Chicago coach begins to peek underneath his kindness, discovering a spiritual bypass around judgements that contain the key to the authentic connection he longs for with his community

If you’re ready to book a session, you can click on one of the facilitators below. 

(You can’t go wrong—whoever you pick will be a gift. Each provides a powerful example of Circling, and each brings their unique essence to the session. We’ve added a few words signaling their specialities to give you a sense of who you might choose).

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1-1 Circling with Liz Watson

Shamanism. Clarity. Sensuality.

€85,00 EUR
1-1 Circling with Michael Blas

€85,00 EUR
1-1 Circling with Jayne Jones

Creativity. Quietness. Heart.

€85,00 EUR
1-1 Circling with Becky Kangas

Depth. Presence. Insight.

€85,00 EUR
1-1 Circling with Kathryn Piper

Clarity. Magic. Love.

€85,00 EUR
1-1 Circling with Tristana Pirkl

Energy. Movement. Truth.

€85,00 EUR
1-1 Circling with Tess Wegier

Unlearning. Intimacy. Taboo.

€85,00 EUR

Click on the facilitator you're drawn to. Once you register you'll be taken to a "Calendly" page to book a time on your facilitator's calendar. Please book within three days of registering.

What Does 1-1 Circling Look Like?

In many ways 1-1 Circling looks like a 45 minute conversation on video, with a special emphasis on paying attention to what the quality of being together looks and feels like. Then you’ll have 15 minutes to look back at the experience with questions and look forward to what’s next.

Our facilitators will continuously bring your attention to how it is to be you in this very moment—your body, your emotions, your thoughts, and your awareness itself.

You can do this right now: how is it for you physically to read this text?  What do you notice in your emotions as I ask you to be aware of your emotions? What are you aware of when you think of me thinking of you reading this? How's your awareness of your presence now?

Here’s the kind of thing we see happening as a result:

  • Self-Awareness... eg: A long-term Integral practitioner owns his judgment that he "already knows all this," ending up in touch with how much more there is for him to explore and seeing his next steps
  • Spiritual Realization… eg: A busy mom discovers this state of wide-eyed wonder, spaciousness and okayness that is completely unfamiliar to her, yet feels like a new home
  • Spontaneous Release... eg:  A therapist’s body goes into a shaking that at first seems completely foreign to her, yet with the facilitator’s presence and reflection she’s able to surrender to it, releasing an immense amount of relaxation and warmth
  • Healthier Boundaries… eg: An intuitive coach and healer who picks up a lot of others' experience and emotions and continuously recognizes where she can create stronger boundaries in each moment, and not be depleted in that

The facilitator’s willingness to simply be in the truth together often uncovers what we’ve been avoiding—anything from painful and difficult truths, to vulnerable joy, to releasing long-held habits that are no longer meaningful. 

Paradoxically by willing to embrace more of the present, we find spontaneous movements of greater aliveness, overcoming lifelong hindrances to more connection and authenticity. 

This can all happen with great ease as there's no particular way you need to show up.

Ready to experience it? Choose your facilitator

Therapeutic, but Not Therapy

What makes this different from therapy and coaching?

Life coaching tends to focus on the future,
Therapy tends to focus on the past,
Circling tends to focus on the present.

Life coaching aims at achieving the life we want;
Therapy aims at healing wounds and overcoming challenges;
Circling aims at embracing more of what’s here, now.

All of these can support each other, and of course good therapy and good coaching work in the present and embrace more of what’s here, now. The main difference is that Circling is an embodied meditation that focuses on relationship. 

For example, when we notice that we want to grow or heal, in Circling we take time to investigate what has us wanting to grow or heal, to feel the drive somatically, and to see how it is to feel that longing in connection.

In suspending the movement toward the drive itself, something in our being relaxes and we're able to see ourselves, and be seen, in profound and new ways.

Here are some astounding changes these people attribute to their deeper engagement with Circling:

  • A 45 year old man felt safe enough to cry for the first time in a decade.
  • A CEO on the edge of losing control of his 400+ employee company re-engaged and inspired them by sharing his vulnerability and admitting his mistakes
  • A 30 year old woman secured $400,000 in an investment meeting by integrating a “little girl” part of themselves that they learned to embrace in a session.


We imagine that this may come off as "salesy" in a way that turns off people from more restrained cultures. In this message we're striving to balance our enthusiasm for how much we love this practice and want to share it, with attunement to you, the reader.

In any case, we’re not exaggerating when we say these sessions are very often life-changing. They certainly changed our lives (including all of these facilitators) for the better. 

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A great way to introduce yourself and others to Circling

There’s a lot of potential value on the table here. This is not to say that you’re missing out on anything, in the same sense that an acorn 🌰  is not “missing out” on being an oak. 🌳

But being privy to the transformation and growth I’ve seen over the past eight years of doing this work gets me very, very excited about sharing this, and making it easier for people to really get a taste of what's possible here. 

Some of the most powerful transformations happen in an instant of recognition. Others take time, blossoming like a flower. We hope that you’ll love what you find and stick around for more.

There’s no pressure to do anything with us after that, but we are happy to share paths forward within our ecosystem for those who want companionship and guidance on this journey. 

Our First Circles...

Finally, we want to leave you with a video of the business partners recorded a few years ago. They discuss their first Circles, and what changed in their lives as a result. We think it captures the essence of these sessions nicely.

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Wishing you the absolute best,

The CE team

What people are saying about Circling Europe:

Christina Tonan

"gently met me in places where I was scared to meet myself, and I was able for the first time to stay present with myself while experiencing intense feelings."


Peter Park

"Circling has completely transformed my life and relationships. The practice has helped me become a better friend, leader, and teacher."

Pamela Yap

"Helped catapult me out of places where I have been hiding for a long while. And even though I’m still easing my way out, I already see and feel more of myself- precious to me."

Ken Wilber

"Excellent and terrific work... highly needed in these times."

Eduardo Verdú

"pioneering work in leadership development, skillfully working with conflict, and getting to the heart of intimacy."

Rob McNamara

"They are unearthing some of the most dynamic and impactful trainings I’ve seen."