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Circling with Amber asks me to step into a more complete, more truthful, and more alive expression of myself. I have witnessed Amber bring to the practice the full spectrum of her humanity - tenderness, ferocity, sensuality, anger, joy, longing, clarity, confusion, power, gentleness, fear, playfulness, and well beyond - with a richness and honesty that calls me further into my own fullness. Put more simply, I experience her way of being as a powerful invitation. She brings a keen intuition and deep trust of embodiment to the practice, with a quality of awareness that can feel all at once like a wide, gentle cradle and a revealing, penetrating beam of discernment. I experience Amber as soulful, raw, and honest, and I feel deeply trusting of her leadership.


Amber has been circling since 2016, has completed three six-month SAS leadership trainings with Circling Europe, and facilitates circling in the Austin, TX community at the Austin Circle Studio and other spaces. She is passionate about ecstatic dance, is an avid traveler, and is a professional astrologer whose work supports individuals in their unfolding and self-knowledge.


(written by JJ Kovacevich)

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