Amy Silverman

About Amy

The thing that strikes me most about Amy is that she sees the potential for human connection everywhere and she doesn’t just see it, she acts on it.  She is awesome at teaching the fundamentals of circling so that they are understandable and accessible and she’s got a sharp eye for what’s happening in a circle.  She says what she sees in a grounded non-attached way that’s easy for people to receive and she seems to take in feedback, even if it’s really raw, in the same kind of amazing way.  

She’s been in circling longer than most of us and was one of the original team of facilitators that launched Circle Anywhere.  A circling encounter in a bar allowed her to feel connected to herself in a way that she had longed to feel for decades and led her to attend an Althea event at the Integral Center in Boulder.  Through being in Boulder, she realized that a community devoted to real conversations and connection was possible and she decided to build one in NYC with the help of a partner. A couple years in, John and Sean contacted her about supporting them in holding a CE circling event there.  Amy agreed and continued to support them as a team member with community development and operations for several events and thus Circling came to NYC to stay.  

She is also an amazing networker and manifester.  Over time, she turned her love of connection and community development into a business, “The Connection Movement,” including Authentic Relating and Circling events, Connection Camp, facilitator trainings, and community development training.  

(written by Valerie Daniel)


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