Anna Gilmer

About Anna

“Circling… because it’s always coming from the present moment, it’s always new, it’s always evolving.  I never know what the practice is gonna look or feel like until I’m in it — I love how Circling not only allows for that constant real-time update, but depends on it.”
-Anna Gilmer

Anyone telling the story of how Anna got into Circling would have their choice of starting points. Would it be with her friends back in North Carolina? Would it be when she searched online for “radical authenticity”?  Would it be when she joined an in-person Circling event at Jordan’s house in Austin?

Hearing Anna talk about Circling, one might get a feel for her style as a facilitator – where her expression seems to seamlessly range from artful to excitable, from embodied to subtle, from spontaneous to wise… I have a sense that Anna has some rare ability to not only perceive a deeper, subtler layer of the present moment. But also to move with it – and be moved by it.

Outside of Circling, Anna’s list of passions includes: making music, being in nature, health consciousness, and her dog. And if you ask Anna about her dream, she might tell you, as she did me, about moving to that big piece of land, with a bunch of families, where they can raise kids together. And where Circling would be a big part of life. 


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