About Becky

Becky started Circling in November 2014 at a time when she was seeking a place where the principles of quantum physics meet the dynamics of relationship. She recognised that in Circles we are simultaneously the object and the observer and within that paradox nothing that is looked at closely can stay the same but is transformed, and through this process heals wounds that can’t be healed alone. 


Working in Human Resources enables Becky to bring her passion for change to both

organisations and to the individuals which form their life blood. She has a deep understanding and respect for a System Thinking perspective and how, through transforming structures, radical change can happen.

To connect with Becky is to be touched by the incisive and forensic intelligence of her heart. The nature of her care does not offer the consolation of sentimentality, but develops in the other the courage and confidence to fully embody their own unique essence. To be in a space with Becky is to benefit from her intimate experience of the mystic realm from where her poetry speaks of the infinite potential for co-creation.

(written by Jayne Jones)


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