Containment and Alchemy

Aug 31, 2017

by John Thompson 

Containment is a holding, an allowing- it's a muscle. It stops energy acting in or acting out, it holds intensity and from this place alchemy and change unfold at their own pace.

Expression occurs if the cup overflows but there's rarely a decision to express or not. The more inputs you can include the greater the alchemy possible. How many perspectives and energies of others can you include? Beware... your vessel has its limits... know these, study these, test these... do everything you can do to develop your vessel. 

Containment is not withholding or keeping in, it's active and powerful. It counters habits and reactivity and takes you into the source of being.

It's a personal practice of empowerment and connection. When we can hold this practice together the magic of interconnectivity dances before us and love's latest verse bursts forward :)



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