Thoughts about Hierarchy

Feb 15, 2018

by Tina Svingerud

I just finished the 6-day long SAS Plus in Austin and would like to share one of the things that got clearer in me during that week.

I have heard the guys talk a lot about hierarchy, and I also know that this is an important thing in the Integral community. I have never really gotten it. It has sounded a bit hard/harsh to me. Maybe masculine. And that it is about position and power.

The hierarchy I felt into this week felt very different from what my mind has thought that it was.

Hierarchy can have an embracing quality. It can be hierarchy in a way where we take care of each other. Where we are willing to own our (relative) maturity. And where we might know more than others.

It is about daring to be the elder that supports and helps point others that have not walked as far to where they need to go.

And it is not a static thing. I can be the elder today. And in need of holding and love and support tomorrow. It is not about fixed position of power. It is about daring to be all that we are. To support each other. Not to control.

And on the other pole, it is about daring to own our immaturity. And where we might be in need of holding and guidance. And where others might know more or have a fuller perspective than we do.

I feel nourished and like I have a lot of love to give. Anyone want some?? ♥ 

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