Eric Finnigan

About Eric

I met Eric in Austin in 2017 during the first weekend of the SAS 6-month training. At one point during that intensive, I came into contact for the 1st time with a lower-belly energy in me that felt dangerous and violent. I was supported by the group to embody it more, and as I did so, Eric came forward to meet me in what turned into an epic wrestling match, with the whole group surrounding and supporting us. 

I touched a lot of very deep pain and had great resistance to this way of being and throughout all of it Eric was right there, giving me space when necessary and being ready to engage physically at any moment. It was an experience that changed my life, allowing me to contact a source of primal power for the first time, and I know that it wouldn’t have been the same (or perhaps even possible) if Eric hadn’t been there, deeply trusting himself and our connection and surrendering to his own embodied experience.

It seems to me like this kind of embodied self-trust is inherent to a lot of what Eric does. From what I know of his work as an entrepreneur and in the world of finance, this seems to be the case. I also see him as incarnating a lot of the beauty of the self-actualizing impulse to fulfill one’s potential, and yet he’s also ready to set all agendas aside and be fully in the moment with someone.

Also, he’s a cool dude to hang out with.

(written by Philip Watson)



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