Jayne Jones

About Jayne

Jayne was introduced to Circling by her son in 2012 and took part in the first SAS training in Amsterdam in 2014. What Jayne appreciates most about circling is how it connects to the poetry of each person’s essential self and how this has expanded her appreciation of the human experience.

Jayne’s background is as an artist and she has been a painter for 20 years. This was a solitary time for her, and through her involvement in Circling she has experienced a shift towards showing up more directly in connection with others. She is a lover of fine-tuned awareness and silence in the practice and brought the first silent circles to CA.

Jayne's has been teaching art for several years and she is now part of a cooperative called the Feral Art School which is teaching art through a collaborative and collective approach https://www.feralartschool.org/

(Written by Marysia Pstrokonska)


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