Author of A Beautiful Apocalypse, a PhilosophyCenter Certified Life Coach, and a Certified Integral Facilitator™.

Jordan Allen is a force of nature—passionately, dynamically, creatively alive. To encounter his fierce multidimensional caring intelligence is to be given a tangible reason to be hopeful for our future."  -Terry Patten, Integral Life Practice

“I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed and benefited from our session.  It reminded me why I was drawn to circling in the first place and made me see the potential of this work all over again.” -Matt, California

“Just sitting in connection with Jordan - it’s impossible to not raise your consciousness. Sitting in that place is the only way I have access to the things that truly matter - the things I sought in as a mathematician and social entrepreneur. Now I see beauty in the small and subtle things. I’m able to feel the satisfaction of success I already had. " -Griffin, Texas

“Your coaching this year has really helped catapult me out of places where I have been hiding for a long while. And even though I’m still easing my way out, I already see and feel more of myself- precious to me. I wish you guys so well, and celebrate us with so much love and deep gratitude. Look forward to seeing you again some time.” -Pamela, New York

Ken Wilber on Jordan's book: 
“A Beautiful Apocalypse is a splendid presentation of Integral ideas in a novel form—a highly readable, engaging, and altogether fun novel. Give it a little time and see if you don’t agree…”
About Jordan

"The first time I saw Jordan Circle he was playful, kind and stood out for his proactive capacities to lead and organise. However, getting to see more of him, he definitely was not just playful and kind. He was willing to dive into new territory, owning anger, playing with states of consciousness and exploring archetypes. When Jordan saw the potential way of being that Surrendered Leadership (SL) nurtures he committed everything to embodying its wisdom. As he grew he has been diligently using his considerable capacities to bringing SL to the world. Importantly, in this calling to manifest the practice in real-world structures, he has never lost his vision of bringing this practice in alignment with the deeper principles it helps us uncover. If you know him you will see a constant willingness to see how he can trust life more elegantly, how he can be in a truer connection and be in reverence to the mystery and wisdom of immediacy. 

Even with these high ideals, Jordan is a simple man. He loves climbing, superhero movies, making music and being close with his family. It is also true that Jordan loves complexity. He is drawn to metanarratives, meta-rationality and meta-awareness. Not to mention his attempt at creating innovative cross paradigmatic practice, organisation and living. He also wrestles with the obvious dangers of these sophisticated ways of experiencing. There is also an unknown quality, an enigmatic surface to Jordan. The full array of his being does seem often missed, or underestimated. Knowing him he is not going to rest in any kind of blame to life for this. More likely you will find him navigating how this is a potential key for his path of Surrender. The way of being he has committed his life to ignite in the world."

- Written by Sean Wilkinson

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