Kageni Pierce

About Kageni

Kageni is a red hot spicy woman who packs bright intelligence with a dash of sass in her lively, fiery presence. She is passionate about exploring world views with others and within herself. She is fascinated with what it is to be human and loves to discover all the angles, corners and aspects of it. Her natural curiosity is endless. One of her superpowers is that she can penetrate the cultural norms, covers, avoidance, etc. and directly get to the heart of what is really happening for people. She brings herself truthfully into the connection.

Kageni has been consistently involved in Authentic Relating and Circling since the early days. Boy, she could tell you some stories! She is very active in her leadership in the Austin community, including Circling nights and the new Austin Circling Studio. She’s been a facilitator on CircleAnywhere since 2018.

Kageni loves working with people on the themes of relationship and intimacy. She is developing her coaching practice with some cool guys in the Integral scene out of Boulder. She also has an operations role with Circling Europe, attending to all the behind the scenes stuff running well. If you send an email to the team, it’s most likely Kageni that’s answering. 

Kageni cares about people and the planet. She exercises her activism for issues that really matter to her and is vocal to get greater attention and awareness for these matters. Her passion is so strong that she limits her use of social media because it has the potential to consume all her time.

And when it comes to what really matters to Kageni, it is her daughter, Victoria. Kageni loves her oh so much and is very proud of the young woman she has become. And yes, even though she doesn’t look it, Kageni is old enough to have an adult child 😊

Although she doesn’t like getting the “where are you from?” question when you first meet her, Kageni is from Kenya.. She grew up on a farm in the countryside with her brothers and sisters. Listening to Dolly Parton on the radio was the first exposure she had to the outside world. As a young adult, she chose to go outside of cultural norms she was exposed to, with marrying a white man and moving to the United States. Kageni hasn’t stopped exploring the edges of her humanity and continues to challenge and grow herself.   

(Written by Kathryn Piper)


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