Ilmer Rozendaal

About Ilmer

For Ilmer, Circling is a meditation practice, a way to connect with herself and others, and to increase her self-awareness. She began Circling in 2015 and felt immediately hooked on it. She completed the SAS facilitator training in 2017, has been working as a CircleAnywhere facilitator since 2018, assists on Circling Nights, weekends and trainings, as well as leads her own group called Circling with Friends. She also still loves to be a participant in regular Circles.

Ilmer loves that in Circling there’s nothing to “do”, that she gets to land in the moment completely and comes back to “being”. After being consumed by a workaholic life, the peace Ilmer finds through Circling is very fulfilling for her. She thinks being present and responding from here, is of the highest value, she loves to trust her experience and express herself, to be honest and search for truth, and she feels most alive when she is living these principles.

lmer’s Circling style has been described as embodied and clear, and people find she leads from integrity, a place of openness, and is pleasantly easy to trust. She trusts her experience in a beautiful way, and inspires others to follow this Circling Principle as well.

When Ilmer isn’t Circling, she works at the Municipality of Amsterdam, which is a job she choose so that she can live a less stressful life and have a good work/life balance. Ilmer also enjoys home cooked organic vegetarian meals made by her boyfriend, cuddles with her cat, yoga, painting, working on the house, or finding other ways to help her creativity flow.

(written by Shara Sebastian)


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