Marysia Pstrokońska

Senior Leader
About Marysia

Marysia began circling in 2014. Though the practice seemed strange to her at first, she stuck with it and soon experienced a sense of “coming home” through circling. She committed to a weekly practice with two other people, and before they knew it, the London circling community (Authentic London) was born from their weekly meetings. She used to be a highschool teacher in East London and still sometimes misses her old job.

Marysia sees circling as a particularly accessible, modern, and easily integratable vehicle that leads towards the same deep truths that many great traditions and practices also lead towards. It is, in her words, a “way of meeting life more deeply.” And in fact, it is the depth aspect of the practice that interests Marysia the most. She possesses a great openness towards going into the depths -- into places that are vulnerable or painful -- with other people. She is also especially interested in the way that circling can bring clarity for people about what their unique gifts are, and about how they can bring those gifts into their lives beyond the practice. 

Marysia is passionately devoted to her work and her practice in different forms - she's a senior leader with Circling Europe and leads immersions and trainings. She's also fascinated by the body and bodywork and embodiment practices. 

She lives next to a very old forest, which gives her a lot of joy and connection.

(written by Anna Gilmer)

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