About Nils

Nils started circling some seven years ago and it opened him up in a profound way, making him realize that a key ingredient had been missing in his journey of personal and spiritualit and development up until that point: authentic human connection.

Through circling, Nils has since dropped many masks, social conditioning and even emotional trauma. He is particularly interested in the ways in which the practices makes people come more alive, and in the mysterious aspects of our interconnectedness. Nils is also a certified breathworker and is currently fascinated with embodiment and the concept of somatic intelligence and resourcing, especially how we can regulate our nervous systems when triggered. Men’s work has been fundamental for Nils, too.

Nils is on a mission to keep rewilding himself further back into his true nature, committed to sharing his (un)learnings with as many people as possible. He is also a published author and journalist, writing primarily about personal development and spirituality.


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