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I am a certified coach with Integral Coaching Canada, and a NARM™ Master Practitioner.

I’ve been working one on one with people for 15 years and I cherish each of these journeys. I love getting to support people achieve things that deeply matter to them and for us to experience a profound sense of wholeness together.

You’re welcome to contact me to design a coaching programme that fits for us both, or you can book a one-off session and we could discuss afterwards what is possible. If finances are a significant issue for you we can talk about what might work.

Coaching sessions can be conducted by video call or in person. Sessions last for 1 hour.

Once purchased, you can reserve your time at this calendly link.

What People Are Saying:

In my view, alongside his steady skills in classical coaching structures, Johns radical trust in experience and rigourous willingness to bring himself from the moment, has more efficiently than ever before expanded my horizon and found me where Ive anciently been longing to feel seen: inevitably inviting me to acknowledge my undisclosed capacities to a larger range of people - and to myself. The geniuous beast truth-hunter will likely bring your essence out of hiding whether you like it or not, and I suspect you’ll likely like that very much.

Thale Lindstad

Coaching with John during my travels helped me more deeply embrace the surrender of hitch hiking - it led me to open myself up more fully to the lessons life gave me every day on the road.

Brian, Uruguay

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