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€420,00 EUR

I sometimes coach on how to be a better circling facilitator. Sometimes it’s about how to be with the ever-present anxiety someone is feeling. Sometimes it’s about how to be more active in life, relationship, partnership, family…and I go through it with my clients. You know how in soccer there’s sometimes players who are also coaches. That’s me. I get on the field. You will open places in me that I have never had the courage to see. We will find a place where you’re taller than me. You might learn by watching me how to be with people and things that are taller than you. I’m usually taller than people at not being taller than people.

Coaching sessions can be conducted by video call or in person. Sessions last for about 90 minutes each.

Price is $500 for 4, 90-minute sessions.

Once purchased, you can reserve your time using my calendly link here!

What People Are Saying:

Every single session changed my life. If I never had another session w him again it’s already been worth it

Brian, Uruguay

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