The Presence and Connection Online Circling Course

A 10 week Journey To The Heart of What Matters Most to You

What does it include?

  • 6 live group practice calls (2 hours each) with the lead team 
  • 2 One to One sessions (1hr each) with lead team
  • 10 Week Multimedia Curriculum released weekly and accessible for life.
  • Weekly peer practice (optional)

How have people found it?

Hundreds of people have now been through the course and we continue to get fantastic feedback. The most common theme is that people are really touched by the intimacy generated through the live practice sessions and that this combined with the course materials supports an integration of this kind of depth into their connections in everyday life. It's a rare degree of attention that people get to experience and cultivate during these 10 weeks. 


Rich content of practices, principles and guidance that you get to explore each week with real time practice together. 


Deep presence and connection online… are you sure that works?

Yes, and it’s amazing. We’ve led over 1000s of powerful Circling sessions online in the past years, with people continually surprised at the depth possible.

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What People Say about this Course

"catalyst for explosive growth…”

The results I have experienced have been incredible. To be seen, nakedly as I truly am, has been the catalyst for explosive growth and I am grateful that Circling is in my life and that I have had the opportunity to truly understand how to be with others.” 





“highly recommend this for anyone…”

“I highly recommend this for anyone who desires a deeper understanding of themselves, how we connect with others, and how to be with others in their experience.” 





“the best value for the money that I have spent”

“the best value for the money that I have spent to deepen and develop my competency in relating. Especially useful were the sections on how to take the lessons into everyday life. The personal examples offered were illuminating and gave me a deeper feeling of connection to John, Sean and Jordan. I highly recommend this Course!” 





"connect on a truly deep level...”

“I experienced on-line circling as a profound way of sharing and diving deeper into what actually lives in the now. It cannot only deepen the connection to yourself, it also gives you the wonderful possibility to connect on a truly deep level with people from all over the world!!”





"amazed at the power"

“I was amazed at the power of the guided exercises and the experiences I had, connections which I still remember clearly, and all the other participants I spoke with said the same. And the facilitators led by example. Throughout they communicated with us and with each other authentically and in the spirit of the course material, and in doing so helped everyone else to do the same”. 




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More common questions

Who's it for?

It's suitable for total beginners but also experienced practitioners appreciate the rigour within the course and often get a lot from the attention to detail.

What is the course content?

Week 1 Introduction to Circling

Week 2 Commitment to Connection

Week 3 Staying with the level of Sensation

Week 4 Owning your experience

Week 5 Trusting experience

Week 6 Being with the other in their world

Week 7 Non-doing

Week 8 Presence, Surrender and Interconnectivity

Week 9 Surrendered Leadership

Week 10 Completion

Who's leading it? 

Circling Europe Senior Leaders Philip and Liz Watson + 1 session with Circling Europe Co-founder John Thompson + Content from the whole Circling Europe Team.  

When is it?

April 10th, April 17th, May 1st, May 15th, May 29th, June 12th 

7-9pm CET (Europe)/10am-12pm CDT (America)

How much is it?

465 Euro - We've aimed to make this an accessible price given the course content. 


What if I can't make one of the Live Group Calls?

Missing one is OK: you’ll still be able to get an immense amount of value out of the course content, coaching sessions, and home practices. Sessions are recorded but we highly recommend attending the sessions.

How much time will it take?

Developing mastery in this practice takes time, and we estimate that the bare-minimum engagement will be 15 hours over the course of our ten weeks together. For those who have more time or desire, there is a lot more opportunity to deepen and dive in as much as you would like to.

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