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I don’t remember meeting this handsome corsair but I remember liking him straight away. That was over four years ago... He had that ineffable quality of being “cool,” he was (and is) an avid entrepreneur, and somehow he managed to effortlessly bridge the gap between self-inquiry and mainstream culture in ways that many Circlers struggle with. These qualities have only gotten more pronounced, and softened, with his ongoing dedication to Circling over the years and what leading from surrender really means.

Now we mostly Circle together, and I find it hard to write about the gentle loving way Peter shows up in a group; or how deep his intimacy with the unknown goes; or how he stays with and supports a person that’s crying and unable to speak. The memories are too many to include, too complex and personal and maybe even too dramatic to fit into a bio. 

When we’re not Circling we run into each other at the rock climbing gym in Austin Texas where we live. Peter seems to always be exploring some new way of growing: reading about surrender, learning to deadlift, hatching a scheme to “onboard” people to Circling with more grace and ease. I notice and appreciate how he’s always surrounded by lively, engaged friends who run companies and travel the world (like him); how he’s always dating a beautiful, deep woman; how he lives in informal group houses and throws parties where people have to dress up in fancy suits and go crazy to ‘Dance Yourself Clean’ and jump naked off of bridges into town lake in the middle of the night while holding hands.

That’s the kind of person Peter is, though you might not see it through his quiet, still confidence, but listen closely and you'll find a powerful companion for the journey into presence and aliveness.

(Written by Jordan Myska Allen)

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