Philip Watson

About Philip

Philip once played bass with one of the most famous musicians in all of Mexico… but the highlife wasn’t for him… in the midst of all the money and women and success, his lifelong aspirations to a deeper surrender called to him. Weaving spiritual messages into his songs and translating Ken Wilber into Spanish barely scratched the spiritual itch to transcend and include this world in an all-embracing radiant painting of all-that-is. 

Now, as a top Circling leader and trailblazer of bringing Circling (and Integral Theory) into Latin America, Philip acts as a mentor and guide to a deeper, fuller of embrace of all that it means to be human. He specializes in the kind of loving presence that allows total beginners to feel at home, while helping them see a clear path of development for expressing their higher potentials.

For a treat, bring any quote from “The Big Lebowski” or “Hamilton” and listen as Philip quotes the next line. Then, ask him to tell you the deeper dharma this part of the story points to. 

Finally, no bio of Philip would be complete without describing his unfaltering love for his wife, Liz, and his son Alexander. They’re an absolute joy to be with.

(Written by Jordan Myska Allen)



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