Reka Tron

About Reka

I first got involved with Circling during a Rationality Camp. I have always been fascinated by a deeper understanding of how the world works. Rationality and Circling both made me realize that in order to get to know the world properly, I need to understand how each person sees it. Because there isn’t a single objective world, but there are 8 billion different versions of it, everyone sees it slightly differently. Of course everyone lives by the same laws of nature, but we all have a slightly different picture of the world in our heads. Via Circling I found great opportunity to understand more and more people’s perspectives.

I study Biological Sciences in London and I work on multiple Science-related projects as well (mainly in Biotechnology), all for gaining a better understanding in order to help the world in the best possible, most useful ways. I am also an active member of Effective Altruism.

In the Circling Europe Team, I found a great place to enhance my passion for order and management. I can fulfill my desire for helping people here, even if it is in a significantly smaller scale to Science. Additionally the Circling Community is a great place to meet amazing people from very different backgrounds. I am happy to say that I found the perfect balance in my life thanks to this community.


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