Shara Chawkin

Facilitator & Accountant

From the moment my first coaching session with Shara started off, I felt any worries about what I should bring up disappear. Very quickly and organically the things that mattered came to surface, and without exception Shara was able to distill the core essence of what I was sitting with, bringing great clarity. I'm still amazed that, although I've never met her in real life, I feel she really knows where I'm at when we talk, in an almost effortless and pleasant way" -Wouter, Netherlands

"Shara is a very sweet but fierce woman when it comes to Truth, my experience with her is one of generosity, humbleness and dedication. I have been touched in places in myself where very few people accompany me in, and those delicate places could breathe in the connection. This is rare and precious. I am grateful and want more of it!!" Stéphanie "Sat Prem", France

“Shara brings a unique quality of attention, openness, compassion, intelligence and depth to her coaching. Working with Shara has been very powerful. I have accessed parts of myself that I've always known were there, but couldn't connect with as fully on my own or with anyone else so far. I cherish the new insight, awareness, self love and connection that I've gained through my work with Shara” -Thea, Australia

“Shara is a fantastic coach. She has a unique talent for creating safe, stimulating and collaborative spaces for peoples’ deepest parts to come forward and express. In my 1:1 coaching with her I felt seen and honored in my vision and process timing. I’ve experienced Shara in individual and group settings, always meeting and supporting clients exactly where they are and thus facilitating a holistic dynamic pathway for their development. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate her willingness to be raw and playful in our sessions. Thank you beautiful Shara!” -Nikita, California

“Every session I have with Shara feels important - like I know a little more about myself at the end than I did at the beginning. Shara has an awareness, an openness to different possibilities, and the ability to explore different things each time. Sessions feel fun, but with a deeply meaningful result.” -Max, England

About Shara

Meet my Circling-sister, Shara.  This loving soul basically learned to meditate while in the womb and hasn’t stopped since!  Shara grew up in an intentional spiritual community in Iowa and her lifetime pursuit of self-knowledge, presence, and conscious connection most definitely primed her to become a power-house Circling facilitator.  

Shara joined Circling Europe’s first ever SAS leadership and facilitation training in the United States and, for me (like so many others when they meet her), it was love at first sight!  I knew right away that I wanted to be her friend… or maybe I should say I wanted her to be MY friend!
Lucky for us, we began to have many opportunities to connect with each other since Shara joined the Circling Europe team early-on (there were only 5 of us back then!)  She dove deep into supporting CE’s immersions, facilitator trainings, events as well as bringing her bookkeeping wizardry and attention to detail.
As a friend and as a facilitator, Shara demonstrates sensitivity, loyalty, gentleness, silliness, reliability, and depth.  I’ve had the great pleasure (and sometimes pain!) of her lovingly challenging me to look more closely, to be more with what I’m experiencing, or to get out my sword.  And I love being with her when she brings her well-tuned and fully stocked toolkit and magic to others too.
I’m lucky to call her a friend, a comrade, and part of my chosen-family.  I trust you’ll feel lucky to know her too and, if you’re like me, your hair will be lucky too.   (seriously - she’s a hair whisperer! ask her for advice)
PS - Shara is both brilliant and gorgeous but don’t get any ideas.  She is happily married to an amazing guy who she met through Circling. They live together in the UK and Shara has begun to occasionally sound like Dame Judy Dench. 
Written by Amy Silverman

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