Shara Sebastian

Facilitator & Accountant
About Shara

Shara grew up in a meditation community in Fairfield Iowa. This foundation of spirituality and inner silence led to a passion for deep present connection with others. After being introduced to Circling in 2014 by Jordan Myska Allen, she instantly fell in love with the practice and felt certain that it needed to be a part of her life and work.

Circling gave a new dimension to Shara’s life, and a new way to connect with others as well as explore more deeply within herself. She feels proud to have taken every opportunity to hone her skills and become highly trained, traveling across the world to participate in facilitator trainings and a number of events.

Shara is very attuned to her inner world and deeply committed to truth. She feels she has a sharp eye for the subtleties of energy exchange in relationship. With Shara people feel both held and lovingly challenged. She feels nourished by the intimacy and depth of connection that happens in Circling, and enjoys diving in with people to the aliveness of each new moment.

Shara facilitates weekly on CircleAnywhere, and is an assistant leader for immersions and the SAS facilitator trainings. She also is the accountant for Circling Europe and CircleAnywhere. Shara found the love of her life through Circling and is now happily married and living a peaceful life with her husband in England.

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