Benefits of CirclingÂź

Greater Emotional Range

Circling consistently helps people to access more of themselves. It helps people to ‘flow’ with their emotions to become more open and to access more meaningful parts of themselves leading to a richer life.

It’s an accelerator of emotional intelligence helping people to embody and be present to a much wider range of experience in themselves and with others.

Continuous Feedback

The power of the feedback in Circling is that we get to witness numerous peoples' real time experience in relation to us. This has a very palpable quality that many have not experienced before doing Circling. It leads to an organic and emergent kind of insight and growth that none of us could have predicted beforehand. 

Get to the core of what really matters to you

While Circling can be intense and a journey into the unknown, it continuously reveals the deeper layers of what really matters.

Circling works under-the-radar skills and sensitivities that make the difference when it comes to your relationships and deepest aspirations.

Facing Wicked & Global Problems

Circling can act as a microcosm to give us insight into the particular issues we face at this stage in our history. It has started to point to novel ways to engage these such as the Collective Intelligence that emerges out of the coherence that Circling supports. Through integrating more perspectives, including more complexity, listening from presence, and learning to more skilfully bringing our clarity we consistently reach higher ground.

A New Way of Seeing (and being seen)

Circling engages a consciousness that sees the beauty and importance within every human expression yet is able to penetrate lovingly and accurately where there is a block, misunderstanding or lack of insight.

Circling gives people a visceral experience of connection, personal realisation and exciting potential that is just on another level to what they are typically used to.

Utilising Conflict

Conflict has the potential to transform people rather than people transform the conflict. Conflict challenges our habituation in formulating positions we think to be correct and helps recapture complexity. Conflicts already exist within polarities that are prior to the constitution of the self.

We often think of conflict in Circling as exploring Polarity-a practice of opening into the space that holds unresolvable opposing and interdependent positions.

We see synthesis. We feel creative dynamism between polarities. We recognise how to allow polarities to dance together to allow for the fullness and richness of our humanity to be celebrated and integrated and for teams and groups to flourish.


Surprising Intimacy with strangers

Eye contact events have swept the world with articles and research showing the profound connection that can take place with strangers within just a few minutes of eye contact.

Circling utilises this and takes it a few steps further.

It gives tools for deeper communication from this place and enables the possibility to take it things deeper into each other’s hearts and innocence.

A Particle Accelerator for human development

We’ve frequently observed Circling working in this way, basically just accelerating our aliveness and awakening through the energy generated within the circle.

Heightened states, deeper life experience, clearer perspective and collective accelerated aliveness and growth.


Build self-trust and expand beyond the self

We’re inspired to the build a kind of consciousness that knows and feels our interconnectivity. Circling has been a direct route into transpersonal experience for many people. The beauty of Circling is that there is no ‘attempt to get anywhere’, we start from what is present and yet unity and flow states of consciousness become quite common.


Connection as the Cure for addiction

There’s growing evidence and understanding around the fundamental nature of the importance of human connection and it’s link to resolving addictions. The whole paradigm of Circling is based around Connection and is incredibly nuanced in facilitating a greater connection with ourselves and each other. We’ve seen numerous addictions be transcended as people begin to experience greater degrees of connection.



Circling can provide a rich environment for healing. The depth of connection and insight can open up parts of ourselves that have gone untouched and unmet for decades. Circling creates an environment where time appears to slow down, there’s ample space and time to go into the fullness of what’s alive and real in you. Many people have found this kind of space very healing and empowering.

Getting our bodies back

It’s very common for people to be living very disengaged from their bodies and more from a ‘head space’. This limits so much our expression, our potential, our health and our well being. Circling helps ease us back into our bodies and these beautiful potentials. The image of the Centaur illustrates this potential because we also believe in a healthy integration of the mind.



Circling is a practice of authenticity. We define authenticity as a willingness to reveal the truth and being direct and open in your communication. This ted talk gives a powerful exploration of authenticity.

Getting out of your own way

This is a common experience within Circling. The sense of accessing something greater than ourselves that is more powerful and beautiful than anything you could ‘try’ to make happen. This leads to a natural capacity to inspire others and an easing out of the habitual contractions that limit who you are.

Excellent and terrific work... highly needed in these times.

Circling has completely transformed my life and relationships. The practice has helped me become a better friend, leader, and teacher.

Circling Europe are in many ways standing head and shoulders above the rest of the circling community. If you want advanced training, they are unearthing some of the most dynamic and impactful trainings I’ve seen.

CE helped me come back to myself.

Christina Tonan


Christina Tonan


Your coaching this year has really helped catapult me out of places where I have been hiding for a long while. And even though I’m still easing my way out, I already see and feel more of myself- precious to me.

Pamela Yap


Pamela Yap


The Circling Europe team are doing truly pioneering work in leadership development, skillfully working with conflict, and getting to the heart of intimacy. It is wonderful to lead with them—I haven’t found anything this deep outside of psychodrama in all my decades of teaching. I give it my highest recommendation.

Eduardo VerdĂș, T.E.P. MSc.

Director of the Norwegian Moreno Institute

Eduardo VerdĂș, T.E.P. MSc.

Director of the Norwegian Moreno Institute

My life is full of meaningful relationships, my company earns higher profits, my day is filled with mystery and a sense of awe, and my mind uses every experience to continually transform itself. These are all symptoms of the real change that occurred in me by working with Circling Europe—a true transformation of my consciousness.

Griffin Brown

Founder, Therapitas

Griffin Brown

Founder, Therapitas

The term “Circling¼” is a registered trademark. Circling Europe has a license from the International Circling Federation to use the term, in accordance with their guidelines, in relation to the training and facilitation we offer. The European Circling Approach is one of three schools licensed to offer Circling Certification. You can read about the unique distinctions between the three lineages, as well as the standards of service required of licensees, on the International Circling Federation website. 


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