Refund Policy

Circling Europe follows the following refund policies. If you have any queries, please email [email protected]. 

Weekend Workshops / Immersions

Early bird registrations: the amount can be transferred to a future event as a credit

Full price registrations: Refunds possible up to 1 week before event with a 10% admin charge or transfer to future event or coaching at no charge.


Refunds are possible within a week of the charge with a 10% admin fee taken, or the full amount can be transferred as a credit to use on any Circling Europe event (in-person or online) within a year.

Refunds requested after a week of the charge will not be possible to be issued.


Registration amount can be transferred to future events minus a 10% admin charge up to 1 week before the event. If you are buying a place from someone else there will be a 5% admin charge to changeover all the required details.

SAS Training

The default is no refunds; in the rare case that someone discovers the program isn’t a good fit partway through, we will review the case based on individual circumstances.

The following inform our decisions:

  • Honoring commitments
  • Generosity in the face of honest mistakes or misunderstandings
  • Knowing that stronger containers support deeper transformations*

If you want to leave the SAS training you should email the course lead about this and the reasons why and they will determine if any refund will be given.  

*Because transformation often requires us to go through a challenging period of facing the unknown (cocooning before becoming a butterfly), over the years we’ve seen that any sense of “trying it out” rather than a full commitment is a disservice to the purpose of the program and the integrity of the contract participants enter when you register for SAS. 

Note: We reserve the right to refuse entry to our events at our discrection. In these situations we  will issue a full refund. 


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