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Defining CirclingÂŽ

Circling is the facilitation, training and/or coaching of a communication system based on authenticity, deep empathic listening and meditative presence.  It consists of a combination of distinct qualities, skills, and principles that strengthen both interpersonal communication & relational intelligence, and extend our perceptual range. This psychosocial technology creates a forum for mindful connection where individuals can get to know both themselves and one another more deeply, share the experience of this knowing with one another, and, create mutual understanding, trust, psychological safety and intimacy.  It can also open doors for transpersonal experience and emergent collective intelligence within groups.

It originated from applying meditative awareness onto our connections with others. In the same way a microscope reveals a whole other level of reality, Circling can reveal a new way of being in relationship.

What Makes Circling Different…

While it can have similar benefits to meditation, performance coaching or therapy the point of focus with Circling is what is happening in the present moment in our connections with each other.

The aim isn't to get somewhere (although we include our longings and desires); but about being more with what is here within us and between us. If there's anywhere to get, it's about knowing more closely what is present together.

Somewhat paradoxically, this approach can effortlessly uncover age old relational blind spots, nurture powerful trusting relationships, and, allow openings to profound experiences of wonder and mystery. It can also foster the rare experience of a decentralised collective intelligence or group flow state.

An Empowerment Paradigm

What makes Circling distinctly different from coaching, therapeutic or other spiritual or developmental based modalities is it is primarily based on a relational context. Connection is the focus and it invites a form of ‘self-responsible adults relating’ at its base.

As a result, we do not try to guide the process in a typical way toward a predetermined outcome—it is always a co-creation of the relationships and group intelligence centred around connection.

Within this context therapeutic things can happen, and therapeutic knowledge can be very useful in order to help us see more accurately what is present. However, the focus is connection rather than on trying to get somewhere.

This invites everyone’s agency and leadership to the foreground which can be incredibly empowering for people unused to this environment. It can also be challenging for people who are used to directing others’ experience towards release, healing, openness, or change. It can also be challenging for people who are used to being more traditionally ‘directed’.

As part of this paradigm shift of—’radically being with’—the leaders are also part of the process. Even while the leaders hold the responsibility for continually helping to set context through ideas, principles and practices, they must also surrender to being just a part of the wider intelligence being generated in the group field.

This makes an elegant dance with uncertainty central to the process. This willingness to be in the unknown and openness to being surprised is part of what cultivates an attitude of wonder that through practice becomes more and more available inside and outside of Circling.

This practice can also be confronting and challenging for people and may reveal deep seated relational patterns or struggles. It may also feel incredibly peaceful and like ‘coming home’.

You’re not a problem that someone needs to fix.

In Circling, we practice meeting you exactly where you, as you are.

We hold whatever arises—both in you and in ourselves—with a degree of wonder and meet it with innocence.

And, we find that doing so usually cultivates nourishing and far-reaching growth.

What’s it based on?

Circling is a 21st century technology that’s grown out of a synthesis of knowledge from cutting edge psychology, philosophy and spiritual wisdom.

Circling stands on the pillars of wisdom of generations that can be uniquely woven and distilled into a hugely practical and useful technology to create change. Without such contemporary profound access to the world’s best knowledge and practice on how humans can grow and develop this would likely not have been possible. At the same time it includes century’s old ‘Circle Wisdom’.

It’s also simple at it’s core, very human and essentially about unveiling the things that get in the way of the love and clarity between us.

The term “Circling®” is a registered trademark. Circling Europe has a license from the International Circling Federation to use the term, in accordance with their guidelines, in relation to the training and facilitation we offer. The European Circling Approach is one of three schools licensed to offer Circling Certification. You can read about the unique distinctions between the three lineages, as well as the standards of service required of licensees, on the International Circling Federation website. 


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