International Circling Festival 2023

Join a magical field of transformational connection, embodied presence and wild celebration. 


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Welcome to our 10th Birthday International Circling Festival!

Each year we’ve been graced with profound group experiences and personal transformations in the heart of the Dutch countryside.

The festival is a celebration and adventure via the depths of our tenderness and a remembrance of innocence and reverence.

This summer, the festival is returning for 6 days instead of 5 days to celebrate our 10th anniversary!

Here's what's on offer

As much Circling as you can handle!

Circling and Surrendered Leadership from the basics up to the big circle available during every workshop slot every day. 

Wide ranging workshops

Leading edge workshops that complement Circling such as movement, bodywork, meditation, embodiment, theory into practice, circling coaching, archetypes and much more. 

Amazing dance floors and evening entertainment

Top djs, live music, circling inspired performances, cabaret, singing, fireside, sauna and fun.

Great food and beautiful nature

Predominantly organic food cooked by our resident chef and beautiful forest and open plains to explore

Is this for you?

This festival is open to people completely new to Circling and is a homecoming for many inspired by the practice. It's a catalytic space and people experience these days as a journey that offers them profound insights as well as potential challenges. Every year many people share being deeply impacted and inspired afterwards, having experienced so much. 

Here is the timetable for this year.

To stay up to date with the latest info follow the facebook event and here are the photos from last year's festival.

If you have questions about the event please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. You can also check out the documentary about Circling and Surrendered Leadership below that includes footage from the festival. 


When and Where

The venue for the festival is beautiful Meeuwenveen in the Netherlands. Ideal surroundings for magic to happen! 

You can arrive from 11.00, Saturday July 29th. The festival ends on August 3rd at 17:00.


Meeuwenveen Accommodations, Meeuwenveenweg 1-3, 7971 PK Havelte, Netherlands


All prices include 6 days of delicious (mainly) organic food and accommodation plus the full festival programme. We aim to make the festival child friendly, reach out to us for more details. Limited single rooms available at extra €300. If you'd like to register for a sold out category, please email [email protected] to be added to the waiting list.


Sleep in 2-3 person bedroom.



Sleep in your tent or camper van.



Involves 4 hours of Kitchen work per day, 1 day off, limited places.



Involves 4 hours of Kitchen work per day, 1 day off, limited places.



Dissolve: Intuitive Contact Improv Dance

Tara Li

Practicing Surrender with Passive Movement

Markus Schnizer

4 Practices to Enhance your Festival Experience

Andrew Venezia


Einar Boson

Circling Theory and Basics

Ronja Lofstad

Connecting through Movement 

Lucie Baudon

Being with the Other in their World

Els Marie Cardinaels

Ensoulment through Movement

Bjarte Hiley

Improv Theatre

Romana Städler

Magic in Circling Spaces

Ben Hodgson

From Vision to Impact

Sylvie van den Meerendonk

Effortless Ice Baths

Björn Heijligers

Circling Coaching Demo

John Thompson

Touch & Circling

Marielle Klaassen

Connecting with Death, to live more fully

Deborah Scherz & Andrew Venezia

Animal Movement and Touch

Tara Li

Trust your Movement Expression

Lucie Baudon

Circling, Meditation and the Boundaries of Experience

Sean Wilkinson

Improv Theatre: the creative magic of 'Yes, And...'

Anja Sophie Boorsma

Welcome to your Dark Side

Christian Pankhurst

Circling in and with Nature

Pieter Lichtert

Reclaiming the Shadows of Sexuality

Dirk Plas

The 3 Dimensions of Movement

Bjarte Hiley

Four Levels of Consciousness

Romana Städler

Collective Intelligence on Gender

John Thompson & Ben Hodgson

Embodied Innocence Being Mov[ed]

Sat Prem Bardin

Primal Play

Katharina Alevia

Sourcing the Code

Stephane Segatori & Forrest Wilson

Shadow Cabaret

Ben Hodgson

Bodywork / Embodied Play

Peter Munthe-Kaas

A Journey into the Archetypes

Sean Wilkinson

Ecstatic Dance

Rain Tunger

We Flow

Stephane Segatori

Hotline to the Divine

Els Marie Cardinaels & Theresa Blommerde

Unveiling Soul: A Collective Journey

Martje Witzel

Embody your Fullness

Els Marie Cardinaels

Honouring the Genderqueer

Ben Hodgson

Accelerated Awakening Circle for Men

Christian Pankhurst

Living Transformational Intimacy

Kathryn Piper & Andrew Venezia

The Dao of Circling

Peter Munthe-Kaas

The Inquiry Protocol

Ferry Maidman

Flow Variation A27

Brian Raszap

Circling Movement

Ronja Lofstad

Advanced Training for the Big Circle

Sean Wilkinson

Breathwork Ceremony

Nils Elzenga

Circling with Sound

Pieter Lichtert & Benjamin Vandewalle

The Big Surrendered Leadership Circle

Circling Europe Team

Exploring Collective Trauma and Triumph

Sean Wilkinson

Circling as a Path of Awakening

Andrew Venezia

Awareness-based Body-learning

Markus Schnizer

Pelvic Presence

Marysia Pstrokonska


Landon Khau

Sound Bath Experience by ÉOWA

Tess van der Putten

Sunday Church for Wandering Mystics

Marysia Pstrokonska & Andrew Venezia

Wake Up Sound Journey

Els Marie Cardinaels


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