Integration for sustained growth

These sessions provide an opportunity to explore and make change in something that deeply matters to you. They can also be an ideal support to integrate the peak experiences and explore any challenges that have shown up for you in Circling.

We love this kind of work as it allows us to focus in on the specific nuances of an important life situation. On the other side we get to witness the magic of new life force and accompanying clarity as we touch into the essential nature of where people are.

They can take many forms: anything from focusing on a specific clear topic and starting working from A to B with that — to deep explorations that may become transpersonal in nature.

Circling at the base

Our mastery in Circling allows for creative processes and unexpected outcomes to emerge during the coaching sessions. It helps us get to the heart of the matter quickly and allows for deeply held patterns and ways of being to be revealed very naturally.

As a team we draw upon numerous coaching modalities and therapeutic approaches with Circling serving as the foundation. We’ve enjoyed discovering some leading edge coaching and therapeutic modalities that are also working from a presence based non-goal orientation.

Committed to your transformation

Typically we like to work with a block of sessions or a coaching commitment over a period of time like 2-6 months (which could also include regular email contact) so that there’s a strong container for development.

Most of us are also available for a one off session if you wanted to get a taste of the work. Reach out to us individually to discuss what we can create together that is tailored specifically for you. For more about our backgrounds and qualifications click below.

Examples of coaching themes:

  • Developing a greater sense of purpose, proactivity and vitality
  • Accessing the emotional states behind addictions and chronic physical conditions
  • Integrating primal energies
  • Bringing more intimacy and connection to key relationships
  • Uncovering deeper masculine/feminine qualities
  • Further exploring circling and deeper spiritual states
  • Cultivating self connection through deeper listening to the body’s wisdom
  • Working with eroticised wounds and becoming more intimate with your sexuality
  • Supporting the relaxation of deep survival strategies
  • Embodiment, grounding and presence

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