S.A.S. In-Depth 6 Month Training

Step into a powerful and unique developmental adventure! In this course you will learn the basics of Circling, explore its underlying principles and distinctions and experience the cutting edge of the practice. You’ll be comprehensively supported on your journey with undistorted feedback and space for emergence. You’ll get the chance to develop as a leader of Circling and learn what it takes to integrate the magic of Circling into your everyday life. You’ll be part of a focused and committed practice group with the potential to create an awakened space, taking you beyond your personal self into a larger field of what is possible.

What will you get from the experience?

  • SAS training is a crucible within which you will access training and support to bring your highest potential into the world in diverse ways. You’ll develop your communication skills and leadership potential while being part of a space rich with profound connection and deep realizations, receiving comprehensive support on your path.
  • This is a chance to experience an immersion into the surrendered leadership paradigm that Circling Europe is pioneering.
  • The leading edge of psychology, philosophy and spirituality are brought together within an embodied practice technology and accompanying Dharma.
  • You’ll also receive support in taking your life to a new level of excellence in the areas that matter most to you.
  • You will take part in a transformative group journey with other committed individuals.
  • You will have the option to engage in certification to become a Circling facilitator.

What does it involve?

 Three 4-day S.A.S. weekends

These immersive workshops focus on developing your Circling and leadership capacities as well as exploring the fundamental principles behind Circling that can be applied to all aspects of life. In these extended, fully experiential weekends, you will explore your personal leadership and connect Circling and its principals to your own development and challenges around purpose, relationships, and performance.

  An individualised coaching program:

You’ll have 5 hours of individual sessions via Skype with John & Sean and the team. In these sessions, you’ll receive individual attention on the areas of your life that matter most to you, and be able to uncover new potentials, heal unresolved issues, become more comfortable in your own skin and get clearer on and closer to your personal gifts and deepest values and purpose. This aspect of the training can give you individualised support and a structured coaching program where you’ll receive practices tailored to your needs and development and to deepen your Circling.

  Circling training with fellow SAS-participants:

Weekly practice Circling and being Circled.

  Cutting edge curriculum:

To support your growth and understanding, you’ll receive stimulating, wide-ranging learning material exploring the theoretical underpinnings of the practice and its relevance in various fields and aspects of life and culture, including cutting edge academic papers, books, movies, art and music.

  Monthly online Quad sessions

With supervision/mentoring from team.

  6 Live interactive Webinars

Led by the leadership team.

➑  Unlimited Circling Nights in Amsterdam for the duration of the SAS and 3 months afterwards. 
➒  30% discount to CE Circling weekends/Immersions upon SAS registration and for a year after SAS completion.

What will you get from the experience?

  • A deeper presence, authenticity and intimacy with yourself.
  • An ability to deepen relationships in your everyday life so that they can be more inspiring and nourishing.
  • The capacity to be skilled in and potentially lead Circles one to one and in groups.
  • A clearer vision and purpose in line with your unique skills.
  • Concrete progress in your personal areas of focus.
  • An uplifting group experience and deeper connection to oneness.
  • A wider and more integrated perspective of yourself and others.


Leadership team

John Thompson & Sean Wilkinson
Ellen Weanink, Valerie Daniel, Michael Blas, Shara Sebastian, Els Cardinaels, Marielle Klassen, Theresa Blommerde, Peter Munthe-Kaas

"There is a lifetime of experience and education that I couldn’t touch in just one statement. Circling and Surrendered Leadership have changed my life."


"Circling has completely transformed my life and relationships. The practice has helped me become a better friend, leader, and teacher. Being able to teach this practice with others is a real gift and passion I prize in my top 3 missions in life. I've found circling to be a great avenue to experience, heal, and transform lifelong relational patterns. I've particularly fond of Circling Europe's dedication to explore the frontiers of Circling. I cherish the feedback and deep level of meeting I've consistently experienced with Sean, John, and Jordan."


"I have participated in SAS not once but twice, and I wholeheartedly intend to take the SAS journey again in the future. The program has supported profound shifts in my capacity to take responsibility for what I would like to see manifest in my own life and in the world; in my capacity to recognize, respect, and empathize with the complexity of perspectives inherent in human relationships; and to integrate previously abstruse spiritual teachings into lived experienced."


"Given that 6 out of 7 terminally ill heart patients cannot change their lifestyle despite the intensity and urgency to do so, it’s remarkable how CE guides virtually participant through a true transformation. My life is full of meaningful relationships, my company earns higher profits, my day is filled with mystery and a sense of awe, and my mind uses every experience to continually transform itself. These are all symptoms of the real change that occurred in me by working with CE - a true transformation of my consciousness."


"The SAS in 2014 impacted me deeply and has continued to inform my marriage, parenting and vocational aspirations for years now."

Rebecca in 2019
Ithaca, NY

"Take SAS if you want to communicate more clearly, deliberately, directly and intentionally."


"I feel more expansive and inclusive now, and I seem to have a new curiosity towards life. I feel more Surrendered and ecstatic as I watch life reveal itself. I’m so grateful to have a place and a practice to continue growing into myself. I feel so lucky to get to feel with others the unified field that presence, truth, time, and space create. It’s basically the closest I’ve gotten to experiencing God, since child birth or death of a loved one. Thank you CE for creating this incredible opportunity. "


"The first SAS I went to was the first time I really got to experience what it's like for me to be in a new group, where I don't know how to relate or what to say or what's OK. I could see myself, the person I've always been, from a new perspective. And I could really see her and the tensions and the ups-and-downs, from moment to moment. I've grown so much from the years of Circling practice I've done since... I'm now able to reflect back with love and kindness toward all my past selves, as well as toward my current self. "


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