Being With the Other in Their World

Sep 08, 2016

Deeply appreciating the perfection of someone in each moment, while getting penetrating insight into the nuances of their way of being. Seeing their inherent innocence, assuming nothing, and being willing to challenge assumptions in both of you (without any effort to change how someone or something is). This principle is a pointer to not just understand someone intellectually, but to surrender into being with them in that particular moment.

To get a feel for this, think of a politician you do not like, or person in your life if that is more charged. Now imagine you are them, doing the exact things they are. But unlike them, you can inquire into your experience as it happens: what is it like in your body, how do you see others, what is causing you to feel that way, and do those things? Are you threatened, afraid, or yearning for anything? How does what you’re doing make perfect sense to you?

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