Commitment to Connection

Sep 13, 2016

An invitation to stay in connection with whatever is arising between you and others. This includes revealing yourselves and being open to the impacts from—and on—others. This does not mean any forced sense of having to be open or vulnerable; it does mean we inquire deeply into the truth of what is here instead of habitually reacting or avoiding. We can just as easily share and explore the feelings of being guarded, distant, confused, or unknown with someone as we can the feelings of vulnerability, closeness, or appreciation.

To get a feel for this principle, think of a time when you spoke something uncomfortable—maybe you stuck up for a friend being bullied, or said the elephant in the room at a family gathering. How’d it go?

Can you also remember not speaking up about something that seemed true and important to you but you did not voice it because you were afraid of others’ reactions?

It is these types of situations and feelings that we meet in presence and therefore develop powerful and agile ways to go from conflict/pain into creating deeper win-win connection.

Now consider if there are any relationships in which there is a truth you are currently avoiding. Can you imagine speaking it, and being open to how it impacts the other person? Although this is not always easy and resolution is not guaranteed, Circling is an environment that really helps you to meet these challenges with others.

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