On Surrender

Jun 13, 2017

After leading this for many years, it's rare for John to find the words to express what Surrendered Leadership is...

Jesus on the cross represents perhaps the highest level of surrender. As a symbol it points to a complete integrity of values, a willingness to feel everything, a sense of connection to everything and a love and honour that transcend life itself.

This kind of surrender enables our highest penetration and expression of beauty into the world and is born out of our willingness to not control our life from a place of fear but to surrender to and align with our unique callings and potential, wherever that may take us. 

We've created a system of leadership to develop these capacities and it's called Surrendered Leadership. It develops these capacities in real time ingeniously. I've been leading this for many years but it's rare that I find words to express what it is.

It's a system of leadership that is not 'teaching' these things in a traditional manner but works alongside the leader's own ability to embody these capacities and leads to a calling forth of these capacities in those participating.

It's a surrendered leadership journey that honours our interconnectedness and therefore demands that the leader surrender their leadership to the higher potential of collective intelligence. A collective intelligence of this kind produces more wisdom as perspectives are weaved together and integrated to create higher more inclusive perspectives and fluid feedback.

Moreover, it invites us into the WE, a space beyond limited separation, where the mystery of something beyond can be witnessed and enjoyed allowing us to surrender further into life itself and further into our personal (and collective) 'leadership'.

From a place of interconnectedness, only love exists and it is the purpose of surrendered leadership to provide a structure for love to be able to flow and interpenetrate in this way.

While this is esoteric in nature it's also highly practical. It cuts through the crap, it meets what needs to be met and it applies in all walks of life; business, politics, the arts, sport, healthcare, relationships and it's open to anyone :)

When I come to posting this I think of my old MMA teacher in Shrewsbury. I think of how his punches brought me down to earth, how he helped me face my fear of being hit and the amazing work he did training fighters, many of whom had been in and out of prison. Thanks Doug for taking me seriously. Leadership takes everyone seriously.

by John Thompson


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