Everything Touched by Consciousness becomes Intelligent

Oct 17, 2022

by Sean Wilkinson

As some of you know, it has been a little surprising and a welcome gift from the kosmos that Meditation has come so strongly into my life the last few years.

It has been important since I began around twenty years ago. However, through life's gentle,
intense and, at times, unceremonious guidance, it has become an essential bedrock.

What has been central in this transformation is seeing how simple it can be. From the right
orientation, we can more readily ‘step out of the way’ and let a natural unfolding happen within
meditation. Furthermore, this perennial human creation has become more than a way to explore
and awaken to consciousness. It is a profound way I intimately and skilfully integrate trauma
and psychological/emotion disease.

It is this approach to meditation that I want to share with you, especially when it is brought
together with the power of Circling.

The cross pollination of different practices is vital to support us navigating who we really are and
discovering all we can be.

However, consistency of practice is not always easy, as many of you have shared with me.
This makes sense with these highly integrative, depth practices.

What I want to point to is how easy it is to underestimate what resistance to practice is.


The Real Challenge/Opportunity of Meditation

What I call meditation is a commitment to stillness on all levels, especially physically. Now, the
presence, or mindfulness we cultivate in meditation is something that we can bring to all
moments. What I am addressing here is more directly the resistance we can experience when
we have the desire to develop our practice of stillness.

When we sit down in stillness, we are really going to meet ourselves. This undertaking is much
more than it can seem at first. It is essential to recognise that by doing this we are starting to
participate with the depths of who we are.

Meditation is a courageous and loving act.

We are going to get in touch with what we are slightly avoiding, we will feel and realize the
effects of our present life is having on us more truthfully and, maybe most daunting/exciting, we
are going to stimulate parts of our experience that have been unresolved, even deeply hurt, into

Now in our Circling field, we are almost always people compelled to truth, intending to face
ourselves as we are. We can often be eager and, even, impatient in wanting to experience
greater depth. And yet, this can remain a challenge to access.

What keeps shining through the more I practice, is everything is intelligent when touched by

This definitely includes our resistance.



It is no small thing to go on an inner journey and see clearly that, for all our good intentions, we
are rejecting vital aspects of ourselves.

However, I have never continued to be frustrated with my resistance when I do finally meet or
resolve something I was resisting. Further, the shape of the resistance, when I can actually
explore it, is revealing a lot of information about what it is I am resisting.

To explore this resistance I have often needed Circling and good coaching. In the process, I
always end up having renewed compassion for myself for what I was previously struggling with.
It's more than this, I come to respect my experience and see that there is a timing that knows
very well what I am really ready for!


From this view, we can learn to appreciate more about what we are asking of ourselves as we
turn towards the depth of our being. We can go easy and get support when it seems we are
wanting to turn away from our truer intentions.

Over the years, I have mostly experienced my eagerness for depth being turned into humility.


Yearning for depth

At the same time, my yearning for depth and connection remains. And the same principle -
everything touched by consciousness becomes intelligent - definitely applies to our longing. One
understanding of wisdom, I recently heard from Cognitive Scientist and experienced practitioner
John Vervaeke, points to this. In my own words;

Wisdom is the capacity to bring together the cacophony of intelligences within us and discover a
higher and more integrated symphony through them.

Thus, what I have found is an essential requirement of wisdom and, our capacity to navigate
both our resistance and yearning, is for quality practice, relationship and environment.

Circling and Meditation (with support from embodiment practice, coaching and updated and
accurate map making) are the best practices I have found for creating the environment,
relationships and depth for cultivating wisdom.

The extraordinary connection we co-actualise in Circling only grounds and expands what we are
inhabiting in stillness. In stillness, we come to an innate intelligence that only grounds and
expands what is possible for us in connection.


Upcoming Events

This is why I am creating a more comprehensive set of events to give those of you with the
same longing and spirit of adventure to have an arena when you need it.

These events will be a mixed mystical playground where we both support each other to new
levels of practice but also come together in humour, vulnerability, play, truth and love.


The Meditation and Circling Upcoming Events

Meditation and Circling Mini-Immersions:
30th October, 20th November, 29th December, 29th January, 26 February

Meditation and Circling Online Retreat - 16th-21st December


Last but not the least

In these retreats, you will be given the opportunity and guidance to re-connect and participate
with your depth. The place where transformation is born and you can learn to lead yourself in
dynamic co-relationship with reality!

Hopefully that sounds pretty cool.

However, what is vital for these events is to hold that we are taking an adventure into depth, we
are staying real and honouring our ordinary human experience.

If you're anything like me at least, you might have moments like;
- doubting your ability to meditate and be in connection with others skilfully,
- imagining there has to be more to your experience than what your accessing,
- even having moments imagining you have transcended all suffering for evermore!
- struggling with the intensity or confusion of your inner sensation,
- and of course thinking about dinner when you are supposed to be surfing the dynamic
intersection of ‘self’ and ‘reality’ and resting in the unity of it all!

Wherever you are in your process you are most welcome to these events.

Kind regards,
Sean Wilkinson,
Co-founder of Circling Europe

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