Sean Wilkinson

About Sean
Sean has been a person drawn to explore the depths and riches of life. He has also innately drawn and committed to learn, develop, innovate and reach for higher levels of excellence and experience. 
This has led him on a rich hero’s quest in which he found the innovative and profound methods of Circling and Surrendered Leadership.
Sean immersed himself in a deep, committed practice for many years in obscurity and emerged with a mastery of these powerful psycho-technologies.

This propelled him to co-found a successful Circling and Surrendered Leadership International organization, Circling Europe, for twelve years and counting. 
Circling Europe has pioneered in bringing these interpersonal leadership methodologies to the world. This has largely been through innovative trainings and courses that have entered over 30 countries and have an extensive online presence. We have led within and created international conferences, worked in businesses, social organizations and were featured in multiple media forums, including Forbes magazine. They are also a partner in the new created International Federation of Circling.
Sean has established himself as one of the world leading Circling Leaders and teaches many pioneering topics such as;
  • Interpersonal presence and mastery
  • Developmental trauma and attachment dynamics
  • States of consciousness
  • Human developmental science
  • Collective Intelligence, trauma and triumph
  • Archetypal knowing and Methodology 
  • Integral Theory and Spirituality
In support of leading Circling Sean has; a Postgraduate Psychotherapy certificate, A Neuroaffective Relational Model certificate in Developmental Trauma Therapy, plus an Advanced Practitioner Award working with more serious complex trauma cases and an Integral Coaching certificate.
Academically, he did a bachelors in Sports Science, a Masters in Critical Philosophy and International Relations at Exeter University. Since then he has published three research papers on our work in Circling, one book chapter in 'Cohering An Integral We Space’, multiple blog posts, plus an extensive media output including Youtube channel, Podcast and Documentary. 
Before Circling, Sean was part of the leadership and coaching team of Integral Tennis, which developed highly integrative athletic programmes for elite junior tennis players. They also created innovative programmes doing depth coaching with parents of the athletes. They published an award winning academic paper in the Integral Journal documenting the highly impactful work at Integral Tennis. 

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