Owning Your Experience

Sep 12, 2016

Getting to our deepest truth, our unarguable experience beyond our projections. Encourages us to take responsibility for what is happening within us, and being open to that changing. Often this requires a letting go of outcomes and admitting feelings that challenge our sense of who we are. It involves the willingness to feel our body, the subtleties in our experience and our more challenging emotions. The highest level of this principle is feeling 100% responsible for all of our experience.

To get a feel for this principle, consider some place in your life where you are blaming external circumstances, where something feels outside of your control. Now, can you simply name how it feels to be you?

E.g. Shifting from ‘my boss is unfairly victimizing me’ to ‘in the presence of my boss I feel tense and insecure’. The first statement is arguable, but the second statement you can know to be true in yourself and is more an owned experience.

Have you experienced someone that seemed to blame you for being who you are, compared to someone that was willing to be really honest about how they contribute to a challenge in the connection with you? The difference can be small and yet so powerful.

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