Some musings on Marketing

Jun 18, 2024

by John Thompson  

  • Where possible coming from the place of sharing something we love with people and informing them about what’s available for them rather than any sense of lack or need for numbers/business.

  • Telling the truth rather than trying to “spin” something to sound more attractive or meaningful than it might really be for someone.

  • Not trying to fix, create scarcity or reinforce pain points. Aware that marketing is a communication and we want to have a positive impact with that communication itself.

  • Careful with sales gimmicks - not playing with people’s attachment dynamics!

  • Paying attention to the implicit transmission of the marketing. What is the energy we’re coming from?

  • Avoiding any drama triangle dynamics, making others victims or perpetrators.

  • No putting down a way of being down without honoring its gifts.

  • Not being unnecessarily oppositional (ie the common business marketing idea to critique others and cause a bit of a storm) while being open to a healthy version of this. Standing for something rather than tearing down others, unless something really needs tearing down!

  • Balancing the need for things to be communicated multiple times so that people get the message without spamming people. Providing a consistent trustable flow of creativity, inspiration and information to people.

  • Ethical duty to inform people about what could be of real benefit for them.

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