Einar Magnus Boson

Senior Leader
About Einar

My Circling leadership draws a lot from my kindness and care, without losing touch with truth. “Truth and love are one and the same”, I like to point out.
(When I go to the deepest depth of truth that I can, I find in the inside of the inside of my lived experience that its fabric is love. Some people call it Eros, life-energy; and it is not conceptual, but pure vibrant qualia.
And when I go to the deepest depths of love that I can, I find myself in reverence of existence, just as it is: real truth; and it is not conceptual, but pure vibrant qualia.
Truth and love are one and the same).

I share a lot of background history with Circling, having been shaped by Buddhist practice and psychedelic experiences, so it felt very natural to me when I stumbled upon it. I have quickly made it my main spiritual practice, though I also meditate on my own and attend silent retreats now and then.

For me, Circling, and especially SL Circling, is a continuation of my path towards an equanimous mind with space for the unfoldment of life in its wondrous vulnerability, complexity and intensity. No clinging! Not even to not-clinging. And Circling really helped me understand this on a deep level: whatever is in the way is the way.

I am based in Stockholm, and I work with clients looking for deeper embodiment and for self-discovery through body therapy, coaching and Circling.


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