Senior Leader
Ellen has been a strong reference point for leadership, beauty and strength in my personal journey -Jonathan G

Ellen has a lot of patience, depth and capacity for deep feeling. Her slow pace I came to appreciate so much over time. Thank you, Ellen, for giving me the chance to find myself and know myself better -Johannes E.

Ellen has a lot of patience, devotion, kindness and passion. She has a smart vision about people, a big heart and lots of wisdom. I felt very seen from the inside by her and she has taken time to understand me better and deeper. She has inspired me to believe in my dreams and values. She gave me the clic to accept myself more. She is a real gift for the people that get the opportunity to know or work with her -Cyrielle S

I learned sooooo much from Ellen. I learned to listen to myself in a completely different way, to trust my guts and to believe in my body. I am thankful for all the love, presence and availability that she has offered me.She is an amazing and inspiring teacher -Adriana CZ

Ellen has a very sensitive and at the same time powerful presence, which is one of her biggest strengths as a Coach. Working with her was an amazing experience! In her coaching sessions she steps into resonance with her full being, providing precise feedback and asking the right questions at the right time - always to the point and always digging deep. Anyone who gets to enjoy Ellen -Anna J

About Ellen

Lakshmi, Parvati or Kali? You could meet any of the great yoga deities in Ellen. She is a responsible leader of leaders in Business mixed with secret tantric temple dweller.

Embracing her mixed feelings of panic and the ensuing revelations during her very first Circling experience, she made a dedicated commitment to the practice that has been non-linear and deeply rewarding.

She has a huge capacity for love, and she is highly practiced across a wide range of traditions. In a nutshell, she is determined, loyal, mature and very savvy. It really is a memorable experience to circle with her!

(Written by John Thompson)


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