Kathryn Piper

About Kathryn

Kathryn is a beautifully intuitive human who loves to be with others in the aliveness of the connection. She has a great balance of being warm and kind yet direct, she brings both compassion and truth to the space. Kathryn desires and therefore fosters deep connection with others, especially from a soul level. Kathryn walks the walk and lives her life in surrender, leading effortlessly by example.

One of her many superpowers is remaining calm in the eye of the storm and anchoring the group with her presence. In that respect, it’s unlikely to see her rushed or frantic, whatever else is happening in the space, you can trust Kathryn to stay grounded and present and meet what’s there.

Kathryn is a seasoned Circling leader and has been facilitating since 2016. She also loves to lead Circling and Surrendered Leadership in-person and you may find her leading and co-creating in different workshops throughout Europe.

Kathryn likes to dance, walk in nature, and play with her cat, OK. You may find her strolling through a park in Holland, her home away from Texas. 

(written by Enrique Fernandez)


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