Peter Munthe-Kaas

 Senior Leader
About Peter

The last 15 years of my life has been a journey of unlearning.

Unlearning for me points to the process of letting go of belief systems and fixed patterns of mind and body, trusting experience rather than dogma. The guiding light for me is more harmonious relating to my body-being, to others, to society and to nature.

In all the practices that are important for me; Tai Chi, Dancing, Circling and Bodywork I am inspired by the principle of Wuwei, pointing to an effortless, spontaneous, and skillful movement with the flow of life.

I am based in Copenhagen where I have been leading Circling since 2015.

Circling Weekends
I am passionate about leading Circling & Surrendered Leadership weekends. For me  these committed practice spaces gives an unusual opportunity to see and acknowledge deep truths about ourselves and how we relate that are not accessible in everyday life.

These are brave spaces where we get to experience ourselves and others explore what it means to relate and move towards more truth, freedom and love in our lives.

I feel privileged that I get to experience all the aspects of humanness that are expressed during these weekends. 

Circling coaching
Coaching with me could be focused on:
- Supporting you in your journey as a Circling leader.
- Integrating Circling in your daily life.
- Bringing Circling into your work life.
- Exploring the unique path that you are walking, what is true for you and where you can find aliveness.

Contact me for a single coaching session or for a coaching programme. Coaching sessions can be conducted by video call or in person (in Copenhagen). Sessions last for 1 hour.


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