Peter Munthe-Kaas

About Peter

The last 15 years of my life has been a journey of unlearning fixed patterns of mind and body, trusting experience rather than dogma. Skilful living for me concerns harmonious relating. To my body-being. To others. To society. And to nature. In all the practices that are important for me; Tai Chi, Dancing, Circling, Bodywork I am inspired by the principle of Wuwei, pointing to an effortless, spontaneous, and skilful movement with the flow of life.

I am based in Copenhagen where I have been leading Circling since 2015.

Coaching with me could be focused on:
- Supporting you in your journey as a Circling leader.
- Integrating Circling in your daily life.
- Bringing Circling into your work life.
- Exploring the unique path that you are walking, what is true for you and where you can find aliveness.

Contact me for a single coaching session or for a coaching programme. Coaching sessions can be conducted by video call or in person (in Copenhagen). Sessions last for 1 hour.


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