Transformation through Deeper Connection


Build a more honest, compassionate, and empowered way of relating that lays the ground for profound change and connection in your life.

Through Circling® and Surrendered Leadership, we have seen thousands of people become more loving, expressed, connected and alive. We see people overcome decades-old barriers and habitually destructive ways of operating in the world.  Flow states, synchronicities and psychedelic-like experience (on the other side of dedicated practice) are commonplace. 

These modalities are 21st century technologies that can help us to meet the greatest challenges we face both personally and globally. You can join a free online intro to circlingcome to one of our events or watch this documentary about our work.

Circling Europe created Surrendered Leadership, the 5 principles of Circling and have been the organisation most behind the growth of Circling around the world this last decade.
We have certified hundreds of Circling Leaders world wide and are pioneers of Relational Presence and Transformational Connection.  

We imagine you have questions...

If you're new here, you probably have a lot of questions about what is Circling®, what actually happens and what you might get out of it

You might want to read a Forbes article about us, or you might be ready to join a free introduction or go straight to our events calendar

Perhaps you wonder about the philosophies informing our work, what we value, or who we are as a team


"Excellent and terrific work… highly needed in these times."

Ken Wilber
The world’s most widely translated philosopher

"Circling Europe are in many ways standing head and shoulders above the rest of the circling community. If you want advanced training, they are unearthing some of the most dynamic and impactful trainings I’ve seen."

Rob McNamara
Teaching Fellow Harvard Graduate School of Education, President Performance Integral, inc., Founding Partner DELTA Developmental, LLC

"The Circling Europe team are doing truly pioneering work in leadership development, skillfully working with conflict, and getting to the heart of intimacy. It is wonderful to lead with them—I haven’t found anything this deep outside of psychodrama in all my decades of teaching. I give it my highest recommendation."

Eduardo Verdú
President of the Nordic Board of Examiners, Co-President of The Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organisations, Vice-Chairman of the Psychodrama Association for Europe

Upcoming Events


We host a variety of online events, regular free intros and in-person weekend events all over the world. We have our flagship SAS 6-month Circling facilitator training, a coaching training, and annual International Circling festival. We also have ongoing projects working directly with organisations. Check our events calendar to see what might be right for you.  To get in contact you can email [email protected].


Free Intro Session to Circling®

The next 1.5-hour introductory session to Circling will be on Friday, 5th January, 7:30pm-9pm (CEST).
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Check out our youtube channel, facebook group or facebook pageYou'll find a variety of resources including videos, articles, and mini-courses in our resources section above.  

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The Circling Europe Team

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The term “Circling®” is a registered trademark. Circling Europe has a license from the International Circling Federation to use the term, in accordance with their guidelines, in relation to the training and facilitation we offer. The European Circling Approach is one of three schools licensed to offer Circling Certification. You can read about the unique distinctions between the three lineages, as well as the standards of service required of licensees, on the International Circling Federation website


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