Els Marie Cardinaels

Senior Leader
About Els Marie

Els Marie is a student of life and a spiritual seeker with a deep longing to show up transparent in and for life and to be connected to her pure essence, innocence, radiant light and fullness as a woman.

Struggling with loneliness, depression and a deep sense of unworthiness in the past, she embarked on a journey of inner healing and growth about 13 years ago.

She ventured into the lands of family constellations and systemic work, where she spent years training and working, she explored the rich landscapes of human emotion in sound during her Primitive Voice® Training with internationally sought after voice therapist Jean-Rene Toussaint, dove into the territory of the shadow with numerous plant medicine journeys, and trained as a HeartIQ circle work facilitator with Christian Pankhurst. 

The practice that continues to inspire and inform her most deeply, however, is the practice of Circling and Surrendered Leadership. She's been deeply immersed in the practice, leading numerous events and co-leading Circling Europe's facilitator training, since she finished her own training as a facilitator in 2014.

The common denominator in feedback from people who have worked with her, is that they feel safe, seen and guided by her in a deep way, and that she is that open space where the answers that were already inside can come to the surface naturally.


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