The Five Principles of Circling

The Five Principles Can Be Lights on a Path to Presence with Each Other

The practice of Circling encourages you to draw your own conclusions, while continuously allowing them to be re-drawn. The Five Principles can be lights on this path to presence with each other.

The following descriptions are not comprehensive—but they will give you enough to start testing out how you can deepen your presence both inside and outside of Circles. They are not rules; they are guidelines. They are not answers; they are questions to be lived. They are not static; they are evolving as we evolve. 

Commitment to Connection

An invitation to stay in connection with whatever is arising between you and others. This includes revealing yourselves and being open to the impacts from—and on—others. This does not mean any forced sense of having to be open or vulnerable...Read More

Owning Your Experience

Getting to our deepest truth, our unarguable experience beyond our projections. Encourages us to take responsibility for what is happening within us, and being open to that changing. Often this requires a letting go of outcomes and admitting feelings...Read More

Staying With the Level of Sensation

By including the subtle bodily sensations in our awareness and expression, we can share with more power, presence, and discover more truth. These sensations often contain the least interpretation and therefore can surprise us with connections...Read More

Trusting Experience

Invites us to honor the relative truth of any given experience inside of us, while discerning what is happening. It is often an invitation to trust the unknown, to include non-rational experiences, and points to something beyond our individual...Read More

Being With the Other in Their World

Deeply appreciating the perfection of someone in each moment, while getting penetrating insight into the nuances of their way of being. Seeing their inherent innocence, assuming nothing, and being willing to challenge assumptions...Read More


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